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Our People: We are looking for Hospo Super Stars

Our people are our biggest asset in our company.We strive to attract and retain only the best,most passionate and motivated people for our hospitality teams.  We look for Hospo ninjas who have hospo in their DNA.  We then invest heavily in the right people with the right attitudes and energy to help them reach their own goals and aspirations in hospitality and in business. We think our team ROCK and we continually look at how we grow and develop a culture and ethos to reflect how important our team is to us!!  Most importantly to us we want our team to be passionate about hospitality and proud of their site and the group have fun whilst working in hospitality! This is reflective in our Guest Guarantee we commit to all our Guests

We’re a passionate team…

who are proud to always guarantee you an


& forge a lasting relationship…

while having a heap of fun!


Our Careers: The World is your Oyster !

We love to develop the awesome people we have within the group to take people to their full potential.  We look to do this with mentoring and structured training, to ensure our team, managers and leaders are set up to succeed, not to fail. We put no limits on people's aspirations or dreams!  Whether it is to be a General Manager of a large, profitable successful site,which you can be proud of, or to own part of the business you manage, we have a proven track record of making these things happen!


Equity Ownership:

We have business models that include successful General Managers being able to have part ownership of their business.  Over our 17 plus years we have enjoyed and successfully shared a number of business ventures with as many as 12 managers who have (or had) a share in the business they owned, with some owning two or more business with us.  A total of 26 businesses having partnerships with those managers.  We see this business model providing great opportunity and success for both Trinity Group and our partners.  There are business opportunities available now for the right candidates.



We have the following structured training and development available for the right candidates in our team:

Trinitypedia training: In-house structured training for staff and management on Host Responsibility, Sales, Service Delivery, Leadership, Health and Safety available for all our staff.

Hospitality NZ training seminars: The company pays for selected staff to complete a number of external professionally delivered training provided by HNZ on a variety of topics.  Staff receive a certificate upon completion.

Young Guns Mentoring Programme: Each year our up and coming young managers (nominated by their GM, and picked by the Company Directors) go through 6 courses of self development and self awareness to grow and learn the skills to manage their own site as a GM.  The course content includes topics like Leadership, Financial Management and Back Office, Marketing and personal profiling.

Future Leaders conference: Each year we send selected managers to the HNZ future leaders one day course, that is part of the HNZ annual conference

External Training: We pay for selected staff to attend and complete external training for managers and leaders.  This is fully paid for by the company.


 Our Team Benefits: Share the love, play it forward


We offer a number of awesome benefits to our team members when you join our company.  Our way of saying we appreciate your work, commitment and loyalty.  These include the following:

Team Player Card (staff card): gets you 25% discount on food and beverage in all our sites, NOT just the site you work at.

Staff Meal: 50% discount on all menu items on any day you are working at the site you are working at.  So you can try your site's delicious menus and not just enjoy the food, but be better skilled and knowledgeable at upselling your menu.

Staff incentives and bonus structures: We have a variety of bonus structures for both Management and Staff through the various sites.  All GM and senior managers are on monthly and annual REAL and achievable bonus payments.

Accommodation Discounts: Lower rates for our team And their family when they stay at any of our hotel or accommodation sites

Function Deals: Team discount for any function for staff or immediate family and no additional fees for functions.

Training: Structured paid training provided, see above.

Management development and promotion: We have development and mentoring training programmes both internally and externally for managers and supervisors to apply for. We hand select the upcoming stars and invest heavily in training and development leading on to career advancement and promotion and Bar Ownership.

We pay for your Managers Certificate renewals (conditions apply)



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